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Beat Street International are experts in corporate events, weddings & party entertainment. Got questions? We have the answers.

How far is the band willing to travel?

We are happy to perform anywhere in the world, providing client budgets permit.

How long are your performance times?

There are no hard and fast rules but generally speaking we play for at least 1 x 90 minute set but this often rolls into 2 hours of non stop party entertainment. We highly recommend 1 long show to keep the atmosphere at fever pitch. Individual clients tend to have different requirements, so we often bespoke performance times to suit the event. In any case we love to perform and we don’t watch the clock, so more often than not our sets are considerably longer.

Do you require a deposit when booking?

Yes a 20% booking fee is implemented to secure a date with the band. This is deducted from the total fee, with the balancing payment being due in cleared funds at least 7 days before appearance.

Are there any hidden costs?

Absolutely not, the price we quote is the price you pay. There may however be catering and/or technical rider conditions that apply to your booking, please ask when you make a booking enquiry.

What is the rider?

The ‘Rider’ forms the section of the contract that states whether or not the client should provide production (PA & Lighting), accommodation, meals and beverages for the band. Our catering and technical riders are downloadable on our homepage and should be adhered to wherever possible. Unlike many of our competitors, we do carry our own high end production for the majority of our UK engagements.

Do you provide a contract for engagements?

Yes, shortly after receipt of your booking fee, a contract giving full details and confirmation of your booking will be sent out together with our terms & conditions and relevent riders.

Is there anything we need to do after we have booked the band?

You can now relax from here, closer to the time our technical team will liaise with the venue and/or the event organisers to ensure everything on our part is dealt with in advance of performance. You will receive telephone confirmation in the week prior to your event, so all that is left for you to do is enjoy the show.

Can you supply a disc jockey for our event?

We work in collaboration with a handful of quality and competitively priced Disc Jockeys who will also fully compere the evening to a professional standard, as one would expect. We do prefer to work with the people we know and this is ultimately much better for your event in many ways. Our preferred DJ’s will also be happy to prepare a play list to your exact requirements. Please ask for details when submitting your booking enquiry.

How long do you need to set up for a show?

Generally speaking, around 1 hour will be sufficient. Venues with difficult access points, or where the room is not at ground floor level, will however add a considerable increase to the ‘get in’ time. Please inform us at the time of enquiry if your venue is not on the ground floor, or if access is difficult (i.e. steps or very long corridors).

What is the usual time you will arrive and set up by?

We quote your booking on the assumption that we should arrive to be set up and sound checked by approximately 7.00pm. If you do, as is sometimes the case, require the band to be set up considerably earlier than 7pm, this will incur an early set up fee. We are sure you will appreciate that we can not possibly arrive to be set by 3pm for example, without passing on an extra charge to clients.

What time does your performance generally start?

There are no hard and fast rules, however we STRONGLY recommend not before 9.30pm as guests are seldom ready to interact with such an energetic party band any earlier in the evening. It is much better for your event if the venue doesn’t plan to bring out the buffet during performance, with the best will in the world it is very difficult for the band to compete with a table full of food!

Is your equipment PAT certificated and do you have public liability cover in place?

Yes all our equipment in line with requirements is PAT certificated and this is available on request. We are insured for up to £5,000,000 for public liability, the policy is downloadable from our homepage.